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Trigger Point Massage

TriggerPointMassage.jpgTrigger Points are localized areas of decreased circulation, increased muscle contractions and increased nerve sensitivity. They often cause immense pain and suffering.
They are typically the result of injury to the muscle, and repeatitive movement syndroms.
Trigger Point Massage is a type of massage that opens up blocked stiff and painfull muscle groups by repeative pressing on and massaging "trigger points " that form inside the muscle fibers. 
Trigger Point Massage can be combined with other types of massage to loosen and free up whole areas of body tightness. Is well suited for all ages and body types however this style can be uncomfortable in a releasing way.
This is also a quicker way to reclaim and reorganize muscle funtion while restoring  range of motion to neck, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle or back muscle groups.
Releasing effects will continue to open the body for up to 24 hours after a session has finished and clients usually find that after a nights sleep the body feels very much improved.
Trigger Point Massage is well suited for all ages and body types and can be repeated with at least 48 hours between sessions.


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