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Maui Swedish Relaxation Massage

Mission Statement:
My focus in each session with each person is to listen to and provide
appropriate healing touch skills to bring about a rebalanced, healthier human being with a nurtured sense of spirit.

Swedish Relaxation Massage is very different from the Russian style. Swedish massage consists of a repeatitive series of long light to medium strokes along  the major muscles of the body with the purpose to sooth, calm, and nourish the entire body and may so contain kneading and percussion movements to deepen the overall relaxing effects. The effects is rhythmic and soothing to the central nervous system specifically. this is the most common form of massage practiced in america today and in it's pure practice does not include specific technique addressing target areas of distress, rather this is an overall nerve system relaxant.

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Coaxing the nervous system to slow down and settle into a deeper level of relaxation; Swedish Relaxation  massage is not specific to hurt backs, stiff necks, or any particular old injury.Swedish relaxation massage addresses overall physical and mental relaxation. It is best suited for after- travel, a long flight, a stressfull time period or simply for general overall relaxation. Using aromatic oils or Bio tone massage cream,or 100% orgainc cocoa butter (Chocolate Lovers Massage) this massage also nourishes the skin. A Swedish Relaxation massage serves all ages and body types at all times and can be repeated on a daily basis for renewed relaxation benefits. PERFECT FOR FIRST TIME INDIVIDUALS SEEKING TO HAVE A FIRST TIME MASSAGE!


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Hawaii State Lic.  MAT - 6312

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