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Outrigger Paddling

I would like to pay my respects to the finest Russian Remedial Teacher (kumu) I know. Boris Prilutsky is by far the most knowledgeable teacher I have encountered in the USA, and his DVD series on technique are outstanding amongst all. I say a big mahalo, (thank you) for your work Boris. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO HIS BODY OF WORK.

sportsmassage.jpgSports   Massage - This is my most requested massage style and my personal favorite to work. Clients here on Maui are typically active with outrigger paddling, kite surfing, windsurfing, stand up paddling, surfing,  cycling, running and weight training 

The best results occur when the treatment is not less than 2 hours after exertion. Very specific protocols must be followed to restore muscle tissue to its best rehabilitation from exertions.

We bypass the “fight or flight “ muscle tightening common to the deep tissue work. These rehabilitative techniques must be significant and strong without activating the pain analyzing response typical in deep tissue work most american atheletes are all too familiar with. (You will NOT  be asked to breathe thru the session)

Each session must be at least 50% petrissage / kneading techniques, of which Russian Remedial massage has singnificantly  more versions known to most Americans. Bringing forth the best potential to relieve muscle groups of the overloaded tightness associated with intense exercise and sport activity.

A high degree of “inhibitory regime” style massage this vigorous massage must not hurt the muscles. This means the time spent in the session involves at least  50% sedating and softening and loosening fascia and muscle layers before the deeper release work commences.This send thousands of postive neuromuscular messages thru the central nervous system which feel good to the human body. (I am astounded at how relaxed and at ease clients become as this process deepens, the exact opposite of my proevious years of experience with deep tissue work. By far.... this is a  completely more effective methodology. )


sportsmassage.jpgDifferent sports put varying loads in different muscle groups so attention is placed on a full body massage and more so to those muscle groups. This massage includes full muscle flushing of lactic acids, and increased blood exchange and oxygen; loosening and softening of fascia tissues and lengthening of overall muscle groups while relieving muscle soreness, tightening and fatigue.

sportsmassage.jpgThree areas of treatment are:    
Pre-event Massage 
Post Event Massage  
Sports Injury Massage
Different from a  full body relaxation based  massage Sport Massage seeks to rebalance specific areas related to your sport.
Pre-event Massage  prepares specific muscle groups for extreme activity with brisk effleurage, which is usually relaxing; however comibined with faster and deeper strokes and with cupping has a totally invigorating effect.
Post Event Massage .
 The Post Event Massage will have the following benefits: 
* flushing out toxins, lactic acids
* reintroducing  fresh oxygenated blood and new lymph fluids  to create a tissue fluid exchange that promotes healing
* a marked sense of muscle lenghthening and lightness of feeling
* deeper true sense of restfullness, relaxation overall
*shorter down time , with progressive dimenishment of soreness, acheyness, and fatigue
*fascia, the lining of the musles will be significantly loosed, as well as your muscles and overall feeling is markedly improved immediately al without theusual discomfort associated with deep sport massage
*Realistic expectation for your treatment depends on the degree of damage , or wear fron your sporting event or workout, sometimes it is necessary to have more than one session to completely clear out major muscle groups that are very very hard and tight and sore.

CP_Stand_Up_Paddle_Board_SUP.jpgSports Injury Massage (after extreme exertion) is indicated with the full awareness of the possible inflamations, very tight contractions, trigger points and basic congestion with painful muscles and joints. This treatment is for mild to extreme strains, sprains, and post surgery. The process for this involves a systematic approach begining with the surrounding tissues where massage can introduce a flushing effect. Sports Injury Massage begins very lightly and progresses as the injury becomes workable. Limited to areas around the actual injury the massage will shorten down time and speed the body's ability to heal and regenrate. Only as the inflamations subside is massage to the actual area possible. And may include "homework" invoving the use of cold compresses between treatments. Commuication between therapist and client during this phase of treatment is crucial. Historically massage has been indicated for sport injury for many centuries. It is important that the therapist have the appropriate education and experience for this modality. Sports  Injury Massage treatment may also require (but not always) a series of short or long sessions to achieve the overall highest benefits.


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