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Maui Spinal Massage

Spinal massage is a 60 or 75 minute treatment specifically directed to each vertebrae and and it's coresponding muscles and ligaments.

Combining Russian Remedial massage, , Deep tissue, and Myofascial Release, Cross fiber technique, and trigger point release along with  Swedish relaxation massage.
Spinal Massage is a specific focused treatment seeking to release spinal tightness, spinal contractions, Scoliosis symptoms.
The benefits include deeper results with unwinding of the spine, lessening pain syptoms in the back, greater range of movement and restoration of nerve function.
The Spinal massage is total concentration and focus to all the joints that make up the back and neck for serious cases of discomfort.
A series of treatments is reccommended on a weekly basis.



Phone is open for calls from 10am - 6pm Maui time, before or after this time please leave voicemail message for a return call back

Hawaii State Lic.  MAT - 6312

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