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Here are some tips adapted from the American Massage Therapy Association to help you enjoy your massage.

5 Reasons To Full Squat

Warm up - cool down learn the basics to maximize your muscle strengths!

Difficulty expressing needs or being authentic The single most "issue in the tissue" I feel with people on my table is authenticity with self. Here is a little process to get you clearer!

Relationship problems? Everyone has challenges in this aspect of life and this effects the body's systems in subltle and dramatic ways. In order to deal with the problems in your relationship, you must first discover the deeper underlying causes. This page is designed to help you discover the emotional truth of those problems and open the way to change.

Anger Management : Resources for change, I find many people with unresolved issues of anger locked inside their bodies unprocessed.this creates an acidic tension in the tissues. Here is a little process to get you started on self helping.

The Emotion Code (How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness)FREE E BOOK how emotionally-charged events from an individual's past can continue to haunt him in the form of what Dr. Nelson refers to as trapped emotions, that are comprised of emotional energies that literally inhabit the human body

We all notice that we have an energy level that fluctuates up and down like a fountain, and we have a tension level that also fluctuates up and down. The word, "happy", describes how we feel when energy is greater than tension.

Neck Stretches

Hip & Leg Stretches

Shoulder and Arm Stretches

Torso Stretches Active Isolated Stretching

Piriformis Syndrome and Piriformis Muscle Stretches online source book. go to this link.

Yipes! Shoulder pain / frozen shoulder- go here to learn more about this.

Learn treatment and prevention tips for rotator cuff injury and shoulder tendonitis.

Watch the upper back stretching videos to improve your upper back flexibility and relieve tight back and neck muscles.

Watch the neck stretching videos below to improve your neck flexibility and relieve tight neck and shoulder muscles.

Hamstring Stretches and Hamstring Injury and what you can do to Treat it and Prevent it.

Sciatica Stretches for Sciatica Pain Treatment

Learn the causes behind Plantar Fasciitis, plus how to treat it quickly and effectively.

Windsurfing stretching exercises to improve your performance and do away with windsurfing injuries for good.

Lower Extremity Stretching

Upper Body Warm up, cool down can prevent injuries to muscles ligaments and joints

John's Favorites 
Favorite lunch... The Four  Season's Ferraro's Bar e Ristorante in Wailea the Seafood  Cabo Salad with shrimp and  lobster is soooooo good!
Favorite short excursion.... The Iao Valley State Park is the quickest way into a rainforest from Kihei. Just minutes away the spectacular energy of the mountains, the verdant greenery, the cascading waters is absolutely better than any pill one could take to relax. Either walking thru the park, or following deeper into the paths along the rainforest I always feel recharged and energized. This is an easy hike you can take in for a breath taking experience of NATURE at her finest.
Favorite BLACK SAND BEACH... Wai‘anapanapa State Park All the way at the end of the Hana drive, this is my favorite black sand beach  on Maui where I also like to jump into the freshwater cave located adjacent to this beach. Also a fun camping spot & the sapphire blue waters here are gorgeous beyond wordsl
Fresh natural,locally grown  produce delivered to your door!I love this service if you are visiting from the mainland and want your produce delivered while you are here be sure to go online before you board that plane so you can get on the timeline for delivery. you can even choose all organic! Click on the following link to learn more... 
TheraCane.JPGFavorite Self- Care  treatment... Thera Cane...This ergonomic tool is the best tool for self treating myofacial pain by rubing  your trigger points and surrounding areas. Trigger points when pressed will diminish your painful symptoms. So how can you reach all the places you need to reach at home between massage sessions? go this site to learn about this amazing tool Self Massageing areas of tightness above  below and around areas of pain can increase the body 's capacity to receive nutrients and oxygen to repair and restore whloe muscle groups. thisis excellant home care and often i suggest this as homework between massage sessions.

Kula Fields...We are a fresh new way to have local produce, flowers, & grocery items delivered to your home or office on Maui!

John's Hobbies... clubs I belong to here on Maui
KIhei Canoe Club.. I enjoy recreational paddling in 6 person outrigger canoes on a regular basis. our club includes both competative paddlers, and recreational paddlers. We share a wonderful experience for visitors called VISTOR PADDLE. Meeting every Tues. and Thurs. morning at 7 a.m. We take visitors out for the fun. We have paddles for you to use along with a brief class before heading out. Go to the link to learn more.HawaiiPaddlers.jpg

Maui Orchid Society... I joined this club so I could learn how to STOP KILLING MY ORCHIDS. Rubbing shoulders with the Kupunas (elders) of the club along with the monthly speakers programs has boosted my green thumb for growing orchids. My collection is now into several hundred plants situated in the yard (move over all you other plants) and 2 large green houses. In my free time tending to the orchids is a peacefull and rewarding hobby. Our club meets the 3rd. Tuesday of the month in Kahalui.

Cultural sites I believe in being respectful  and honoring the host culture wherever i find myself. Here you can explore some valuable information about the beautiful Hawaiian peoples.


Hawaiian Cultural Advisor and Kumu to the Kihei Canoe club 
Hula Preservation Society, learn about the sacred life of the Hula and w
hat it is really all about!
Ho'oponopono... Conflict Resolution Hawaiian Stlye 
Ho'oponopono means “to make right,” or “to rectify an error” Effectively, it means to make it right with the ancestors, or your family, friends or anyone or anything with whom or which you have a relationship.  This can include the animal, vegetable or mineral kingdoms and indeed our planet.  Originally Ho'oponopono was used to correct the wrongs that had occurred.
The Hawaiian Environmental Alliance 
Find your Hawaiian name
Na Maka o ka `Aina (“The Eyes of the Land”) is an independent video production company that focuses on the land and people of Hawai`i and the Pacific. Joan Lander and Puhipau are the founders and principle producers. Documenting traditional and contemporary Hawaiian culture, history, language, environment and the politics of independence and sovereignty since 1982, Na Maka o ka `Aina has aired over 80 programs on Hawai`i Public Television, the Public Broadcasting Service, Deep Dish satellite network, Free Speech TV and Hawai`i’s commercial stations, in addition to producing regular programming for Hawai`i’s public access cable channels. Their work has also been seen on television in Australia, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Denmark, and Canada.

Free Ukulele Lessons.jpg

Free Ukulele Lessons!  This is where you  will experience true aloha with the beloved Kealoha, Jarret Delos Santos,  Awared The  2010 Masaru Pundy Yokouchi leadership award for arts and culture in Maui County 

Favorite activities contact... Need someone to organize and make reservations for your activities? Sandy at the Concierge Connection has all the answers you are looking for your trip. She can arrange anything you need while visiting our beautiful island. The friendliest and most knowlegable  person I  know to assist you with your excursions and all her services are complimentary! And don’t for get to ask her about her amazing tropical flowers delivered right to your front door here on maui.

Hiking on Maui is the best with gorgeous views, multiple plant growing zones, amazing swimming spots,and all levels from easy to hard. For Hawaii hiking trails systems and maps click here.

Relax with Nadama Music! Music for your heart and soul.Local artist whose music inspires the best massages!

Favorite surf lessons

Maui visitors bureau, official site
Maui community resource numbers
Inter island ferry Maui-Lanai schedules
Maui dharma Center  Tibetan Buddhism on Maui

The Maui Swap Meet Best Shopping buy local Saturday mornings  is where you’ll meet local artisans, local farmers, pacific islanders from many islands, Here is where I buy all my  local grown  veggies and fruits for the week, orchids ( look for Darrell, he can answer any questions you have  and he has the best prices for take home orchids, and next to him is a local  music artist who produces the most beautiful massage music, you will want to take home with you. Island made gifts, Hawaiian shirts and dresses, local honey, fresh baked goods,  coffees, art work, jewelery, anything you can imagne! I like to save my appetite and taste local grinds here too plenty of good food. You can even sip on a coconut as you stroll!

Absolute favorite Eco Excursions, Whale excursionsDolphin Excursions, and day trips on the water. I am a member of this fine organization and I assure you will have the adventure of your life with their fine operation.

Need ideas for what to do on Maui? A comprehensive guide right here

Golfer’s Dream… need someone to arrange the best golf experience in the world? Maui style! Call Sandy at the Concierge Connection a complimentary service.
On Maui 875.9366
Toll free 1 888.875.9366

Too much sun and fun? Experience the Maui Ocean Center you can see all the coral and fish and sharks you like without getting wet at Maui largest ocean Aquarium.

Kula Lavender farm: Walking tours, food and directions

My favorite dentist on Maui is Dr. Ogata located in Kahalui, he has the finest staff of people you would ever let into your mouth. Marcia is the warmest and kindest dental hygienist I have ever surrendered my self to.  Anela"s smile lights up  office. Dr. Ogata has created everything you could need or want in a dental service on Maui.

Read about the international variety  of styles of massage practiced around the world and the many benefits of massage can offer you!

AROMATHERAPY is the use of pure organic plant essences extracted in a very concentrated form  then added to the massage oil or cream to increase therapeutic results. For example juniper and rosemary have a cleansing and tonic effect on tired and sore muscles. Ylang Ylang has an emotionally uplifting effect on the senses. I use Earth Angel Essential Oils and you may too. Please check the banner to discover the healing blends available to you for home use.

Favorite Local Designer, Tailor, Seamstress... Aloha Anne is the most skilled designer, tailor, seamstress I know on Maui. She is a Master at her craft. Go to her website to learn more about her fine skills.
I have utilized Anne's services many times and I guarantee that she is THE BEST!
 Call (808) 874-5497 Located in Kihei   

Oriental Studies - Chinese Medicine Foot Reflexology, here you may find a brief history on the subject of foot reflexology going back centuries .

Historical write up on Reflexology


Becoming Naturally Therapeutic, A Return to the True Essence of Helping by JACQUELYN SMALL, LMSW 
 A book for learning the therapeutic traits, essential boundaries.

Being naturally therapeutic is not limited to any one person or trade, ie. therapists everyone is therapeutic. this little book simply clarifies the process.

International Leadership Program

Up With People.... I am an alumni of the Up With People Organization. I traveled with Cast B 1973-1974 which replaced my last year of high school. We toured Italy ,England, Ireland, the U.S.A., and Canada. I was fortunate that my local high school board gave me all the credits I needed to graduate for my senior year for traveling with this great organization. In addition to living with host families all over the world , we also performed in some of the most briiliant theaters and locations highlighted by  Arena Di Verona before hundreds of thosusands of people, Royal Albert Hall in London for Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden, we created an album at Polygram of London,performed for the President of Ireland on his personal estate, as well as prisons, street performances,television appearances, university campuses,and  high schools all over the world.The following year I went to work with another cast doing advanced Public Relations work in the U.S.A. for the Bi-Centennial year of 1975-76. This experience dramatically shifted my world and gave me my first taste of life outside the United States.Learning to do advanced logistics,public relations,media communications all gave me a foundation for public speaking, and media communications far more than any classroom setting. I applied these skills in my work in the years that followed.

To learn more about the Global Outreach of Up With People today please go to this their site.

I am an Orchid Hobbyist with a huge collection of orchids that i grow in my backyard. I share short videos and photos regularly with other backyard growers around the world. Take a peek at what is recently blooming in the garden at the following link. Orchid Love with John Massage on Maui



Phone is open for calls from 10am - 6pm Maui time, before or after this time please leave voicemail message for a return call back

Hawaii State Lic.  MAT - 6312

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