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Remember to request specific ingredients for your treatments as i do not always carry every choice here in my car as i am out and about on the road traveling to your locations!

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic  use of plant essences or  plant extracts derived from the cells of flower petals and leaves diffused into concentrated forms for specific physiological,emotional, and spirtual effects. Essential oils can be uplifting to the emotions, calming to the nervous system,warming  to tight muscules and harmonizing overall. These essential oils are added in minute amounts to the massage oils and creams fo use in therapeutic massage and absorb directly thru the skin traveling within the internal body. All facial ingredients are organic plant based essential plant extracts.

You have the choice of Cremes or oils for your massage

Natural Formululations Massage Products   is the company i purchase my body treatment supplies.

FC - 3 Tea Tree Foot Creme A thick creme with superior glide that uses the anti-microbial properties of tea tree oil to sanitize the foot. Fragranced with natural eucalyptus and peppermint oils for a refreshing aroma. A perfect product for both the therapist and client. This is the sole thing you need for happy feet.

MS-05 Luxury Blend Dispersible Massage Oil is my favorite oil to work with as it is super emoiient,slick and very nuitritious to the skin. This mixture of natural oils contains Jojoba, rapeseed,coconut,sesame,apricot kernal,sweet almond and vitamin E.

MC-5 Extra Rich Massage Cream is an extra rich creme that provides an extra long glide made with green tea extract,organic chamomile,organic arnica , and organic white willow and vitamin E to keep skin supple ,withgrapeseed and jojoba oils to nourish. i love this creme as an alternative choice to oil massage.

Snow Leopard Healing Lotion is super for neck and head massage, and post sport... tight muscles, The combination of menthol, camphor,peppermint, euclyptus, and rosemary initially feels cool but then penetrates with a deep healing warmth. perfect for damaged sore tissues. made with apricotoil,sesame oil,wintergreen vitamin E and the above mentioned essential oils.

Mango Butter Cold pressed from the seeds of the mango fruit this butter is rich in essential fatty acids and healthy an intenely hydrating butter very rich and nourishing for extra dry skin.

 Beurre de Massage is extra virgin coconut oil, organic cocoa and shea butters. This rich creme has a sensual chocolate coconut aroma.This is my chocolate massage ingredient as it is a deep rich chocolate experience,however it is not the color of chocolate it is clear. Totally Yummy feeling! And excellant for nourishing dehydrated skin.

Essential Oils.... I am constantly using different essential oils in my practice. Currently  iam using for relaxation something called

Quiet Nights Relaxation Blend combining clary sage and ylang ylang with a citrus floral blend.this is a mind melting relaxing experience for anyone on the table, including me giving the massageso completely pleasing to the senses.

Arnica oil for anti inflamatory effect due to soreness 

Peppermint and Rosemary blend. i love this for sport massage and for over worked mental ly stressed head and neck massages. this will CLEAR YOUR MIND! Wheni worked in the cruise ship industry we used a peppermeint rub on thousands of peoples heads and the effects were almost 100% pure joy, so i have incorporated this into my treatment plan.

Pt - Z Bio-Enzymatic Pre wash Treatment is an amazing bio enzyme mixture that i can either soak or spray onto sheets , add to pre wash cycle for removing oils from the sheets. everyone knows that nasty odor of stale massage sheets. I don't have this problem.

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