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Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep Tissue Massage is a massage that requires that the surface muscles be slowly relaxed in order to effectively treat SUB LAYERS  of muscle and fascia. This is so as to not to further hurt the client's body and to reach the deeper musculature.

Deep Tissue Massage requires a good knowledge of anatomy, muscles, ligaments and nerves as well as inflamations. This understanding is absolutely crucial to the therapist and protects the client from prolonged discomfort and injury. Many clients request a deep tissue massage when really they want a firm style massage.


Whatever the case, Deep Tissue Massage includes all the other styles listed here and is better suited to individuals with whom massage as "therapy" is understood. This massage is usualy requested by clients who have a long history of receiving massages, Their body being well accustomed to the deeper work of a skilled therapist's hands. Naturally I'm willing to introduce new clients who haven't had this Deep Tissue Massage with good communication.

What is improtant to know about the treatment of deep tissues?
An indication of over working too deep too fast is further injury to the area with symptoms of  increased bruising, prolonged lingering pain. Ususally the therpists tell the clients it'll hurt for a few more days then feel much better.
My experience has shown me that the client has diminished pain response immediately with Russian technique.
Upon completion of the treatment  and may need a series of treatments to get the complete result they are seeking
I prefer to give the body time to heal and work it's healing  thru the layers in successive treatments.
Russian massage is very different from typical deep tissue massages in that 50% more time is spent warming and loosening the layers of tissue while maintaining central nervous system relaxation as the treatment unfolds.  

Deep Tissue massage along with Myofascial release technique in the form of a series of 60 or 75 minute "spinal massages" has a deeply relieving effect on the condition known as Scoliosis.


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