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John Massage On Maui Spa Treatments

Spa treatments are add ons that take your body massage experience to new levels by addressing specific wants and needs you may have to feel and look your best while vacationing on Maui. Most people actually come to Maui to rejuevenate from hectic, demanding lifestyles on the mainland. Being in a vacation world where you no longer have those same schedules and circumstances becomes a window of opportunity for you to replenish yourself. A Spa treament will also lengthen the "actual time" you spend receiving body work. More time on the table  can mean deeper overall relaxation physically, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes and hour just does not get you to the place you need to be to enjoy yourself and all that Maui offers; and what could be better than having all these options come to you!

Rehabilitative Massage is massage using all the available techniques following trauma or accident or prolonged inactivity to bring about a new level of recovery of muscle function. Basically assisting the body to heal and decreasing pain symptoms , shortening the time  that it takes to normally heal. Along with addressing painful body messages the most important attitude is working with pain messages  versus fighting pain messages to diminish symptoms.


Phone is open for calls from 10am - 6pm Maui time, before or after this time please leave voicemail message for a return call back

Hawaii State Lic.  MAT - 6312

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