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Pregnancy Massage

Massage in Pregnancy is the ultimate for a woman and child in this amazing time of her life. A pregnant woman's needs at this time MUST be adhered to. As uncomfortable back aches, lingering aching legs, sore bloated feet and ankles  all need to be addressed . This means no aromatic oils as this is not appropriate to the first trimester of development of the little one. Lots of pillows.... I use all the pillows we need to suport and comfort as the Massage in Pregnancy  is taking place. Usually given on the womans side, due to obvious reasons,  pregnancy massage is a "god -send" because the relief from this treatment is so pronounced and so needed as the body transforms for giving birth. I consider this a sacred honor and always have lots of quietness at the end of this treatment. "Moms to be" simply float from this Massage in Pregnancy  experience and always feel tremendous relief. The massage style depends totally on the woman on that day of her session. This massage also is well suited to repeative sessions as her need arises (and belly grows!) . Being a dad myself and having 3 beautiful daughters their mother recieved pre natal massage during each of her pregnancies and now massage has become alifestyle to all of them growing up.



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