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Hot Stones Massage

Pohaku Lomi

Pohaku Lomi ( Hot Stone Massage) is a type of massage that uses small to large flat  island formed smooth lava stones collected by myself in the Iao Valley or beach  caves of Maui. These stones are warmed and both layed upon the body and also used to massage the body. The therapeutic  benefit of this style is that it combines deep heat into muscles as they are being massaged creating a pronounced deeper "relaxation response".


The Pohaku Lomi ( Hot Stone Massage) is well suited for thick muscled body types, work out enthusiasts, and body builders. Also excellant for chronic tight backs and repeatitive movement syndroms in the larger muscle groups. For all body types so can be combined with other styles of massage. However Hot Stone Massage is a full body treatment and not well suited for individuals with highly sensitive skin. Aromatic oils are used to increase the glide and the warming pleasure of the stones massaging the body. The effect is a very deep warming "relaxation response" along with deeper loosening of all the muscles and joints.


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Hawaii State Lic.  MAT - 6312

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