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Cross Fiber Massage 

Cross Fiber Massage uses the strokes across the muscle fibers and ligamental attachements (transverse massage technique) rather than along the muscles as in a swedish relaxation massage. This massage style can be combined with other syles of massage. Cross Fiber Massage works well with repeating pain syndroms and chronic muscle tightness like low back pain, neck pain, hip stiffness or any joint stiffness anywhwere in the body due to sport (over use), accidents, repeatitive movement syndroms and extended travel. This is slightly uncomfortable yet releasing so that the body begins a pain diminishment process and muscle memory stops repeating the effects of chronic symptomology. Cross Fiber Massage helps to regain normal movement and range of motion. People of all ages and body types will benefit from this therpapeutic style of massage. I have used this in response to car accident injuries, lack of movement , and sport related activity.



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