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I am so grateful! I wanted to contribute a testimonial.

While visiting Maui with my family, my sister and i decided to have some massage treatments in our vacation retreat. John brought his table and gave to us the combo treatment of Foot Reflexology with Massage. I seek massage that is not just feel good, but therapeutic. I have had experience with massage therapists that go too deep in search of that "theapeutic" intervention. So usually i am a little tense, worried about pain I may feel as a therapist goes too deep too early in the wrong spots.

John knew what was tooo deep without my having to say anything. I really trusted his work. I was able to fully relax!

Every touch felt therapeutic - I could feel my body working out kinks while on the table. He uses a great combination of stretching, kneading and pressure. My "Plantar Fascitis feet" felt like they were going to float off the table!

i received the massage at the begining of my vacation and it set up the entire vacation.

His touch had lasting effects - he has a gift and i am grateful I was on the receiving end!

Thank you John!

Kim (adult soccer player and enthusiast) 

Aloha John,

I am so blessed to have you as a part of my life.  You have been helping me to better health since 2005.  I have had many massage therapist throughout my life and I must say that you have helped me the most with your understanding of the "Whole Body" and how it is all connected.  Every time you come to see me you ask what I am needing I always say "what ever you did last time worked" so let's do that again.  And you just know what to do.  It truly is magical!  You are such a great talent!  You also make me look good whenever I send a client to you.  God Bless you for all you do for me.  I am one of the lucky ones! 
Sandi Ioakimi

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I am a ocean paddler and I have been practicing massage for 3 years. I have known John for 3 years and I saw him after hard workouts from paddling. The work John did on me relieved all pain after work out. While I was pregnant I also sought out John to help me with stress and muscle pain. John has a very sensitive hand and knew exactly where my stress was without me saying anything. He is very experienced and I try to learn his techniques while he is working on me, but my body just melts and I cannot think about anything but relaxing. I truly prefer to receive his massage because I become totally relaxed and rejuvenated. After giving birth I see John whenever I can, and I am very thankful for his expertise. As I learn about massage technique I realize how good John is, and I am thankful to have him work on me.
Fusayo Luksic, Licensed Massage Therapist

If you haven’t had a massage with John, you are really missing out. After lots of aches and pains last year from a shoulder injury, I was really helped by John’s healing hands. John really cares that his clients feel better, and he will take the time to find out how he can best treat you. You not only get a terrific massage, but you also get suggestions for exercises and natural medicines so you can also help yourself. J Kathy Tucker,Kihei, HI

My husband and I have been receiving massages from John for several
years now, and after trying so many others, we both feel that John
offers the best massages on Maui!  Being workaholics, we find it so
convenient and time-saving for us to have John drive out to Haiku and
offer his services in our home.  We have found his massages to be very
therapeutic as well as relaxing and we will not hesitate to recommend
his treatments to anyone.     Mike and Carol

As the proprietor of Aloha Spa I find John Trevett to be by far one of the most experienced; present; effective; caring & knowledgable therapists I have the privilege to work with. I recommend him to our clients knowing, without a doubt, they will receive the best treatment of their lives and I tell them exactly that at the time the appointment is scheduled. Our shared clients rebook an appointment with John each time based on the positive experience they had. He is the best there is and I am honored he chooses to be an Aloha Spa team member for the past eight wonderful years. Francesca Hunter

An appointment with John is the perfect way to pamper yourself in Paradise. Far more than just a massage, you will find yourself being lifted to another plane where you can reconnect with your spiritual core. John's treatment goes beyond the physical, which, by itself, is pleasurable, therapeutic, and healing. His intuitive sense enables him to zero in on toxic areas, and brought me emotional cleansing as well.
Being in
Maui can provide a spiritual experience for those open to the unique energy of the island. Why not heighten your Maui experience with a soothing, yet intense, healing massage at the gifted hands of John Trevett. He will come to your hotel, set up his table on your lanai, and, with the sea as a background, provide your ultimate Maui memory. Ginny Brinkley Jacksonville. Fl.

"I have been coming to Maui for the past 8 years and wouldn't think of starting my visit without a "John Massage". He comes to my condo and gives me whatever my tired body needs be it relaxation, deep tissue or reflexology. And, if he has time that week I get a second one. I think his massage makes my whole vacation. John's energies are wonderful and I feel like a new person when he finishes with me. Thank you John.

J. Stevens
Jacksonville, Florida

Now that we have been back on the mainland for over one month, there are many things
we miss about Maui.  What rates number one?  Is it family (if they ask -I said yes),
fresh fish dinners, truly ripe fruit, the beaches, the hiking...?  Nope, I miss John
and his amazing talents.

Prior to arriving on Maui, my hip had been giving me so much trouble due to the
amount of driving my job requires.  Not only was John able to alleviate all that
pain, he opened areas of which I was not even aware were causing me discomfort. 
Certainly we love our trips to Maui.  Being treated by John makes the experience

Aloha Dear John.  I hope all is wonderful by you!

Stacey Menheer-Swalley
Clinical Specialty Representative
(IN, IL, WI, MO & Western MI)
NeuroScience Inc.
tel cell: +1-847-508-1692, fax: +1-224-643-7242 corporate: +1-888-342-7272

My dear John!

Thank you for such a lovely massage.
The affects continue days later as my
body has released much old trauma.
The hot stones facilitated my spirit coming
home to my body.  I feel much more
grounded- which is great because I
am one of those "floaty" types.

Your love and authenticity come through
your hands and your heart.  You
are a beautiful blessings!  Mahalo!

Much love,

Author "Think Like A Flower"

Rosie Quigley

Sacred Heart of the Divine Publications

Maui, Hawaii

 I also work with Megan, at the Aloha Spa & Wellness. An island wide outcall massage and spa service these are some the testimonials thru them!

I recently spent 10 days in Maui with my husband, and on the last day we decided to treat ourselves to massages in the comfort of our home. John drove all the way upcountry to Ulupalakua and was absolutely amazing. I added on a body scrub treatment to my massage and am so glad I did! After so much sunscreen and hiking I really needed the exfoliation, and my skin felt silky and smooth for the entire day. The massage itself was really therapeutic, John knew just where my problem spots are and advised me on how I could save myself from future muscle seizing. It was a fabulous end to an already fantastic trip. Thanks Aloha Spa!! Sara F. Santa Basrbara, Ca. (Aloha Spa is a local service i do massages with as an outcall service)

The best way to treat yourself when you are on Maui.....ahhhhhhhhhhh!  John is amazing!  One of the best therapists I have ever had.  I booked it with Meagan, the spa director she was so efficient and full of aloha. I do Massage thru the Aloha Spa outcall service.)  
Beth E. New York

John is unbelievable and having him come to our condo was so convenient. This is the way to truly relax without having to go anywhere. The prices were also reasonable. I will certainly be using Aloha Spa on my next trip to Maui!

John Massage On Maui
John is a truly talented, dedicated, and compassionate professional who generously
shares his deep and abundant skills and positive energy.  For my wife and me (and
many friends), it has been a true gift to have John provide much needed bodywork for
us.  He has over the years been our “go to guy” and expert for muscle healing and
therapy.  We are very engaged and active athletes and we have come to rely on John
to help us recover and prepare for the next day’s challenges and fun.  In short,
having John in our lives is as important as having the correct sports equipment and
nutrition.  In addition, we have been the beneficiaries of John as he graciously
shares his wisdom and peaceful manner.  John is, in our opinion, the embodiment of
aloha spirit as he exudes great respect for his clients and surroundings.  We always
look forward to “being on John’s table” and having him perform his magic!
Sincere and genuine mahalo, John.
--Rich Salem,  Paia

Na Alii Massage is an outcall massage service I occasionally work for teaming up with  my fellow therapists Laura and Nico. Here are some things the clients have shared;

"You sent over John Trevett to work on my neck. I had a fabulous treatment! My neck was pretty bad with no range of motion and the next day I was able to play golf and today it's even better. (John) did a wonderful job and I appreciate it." John Slidell, Annapolis, MD

"Being a therapist myself since 1986, my tolerance for incompetent work has disappeared over the years. Laura and John (Trevett) have restored my belief that there are therapists out in the world that have talent and are not just going through the motions. They are both masters at their work, having insight and sensitivity to go along with the mechanics of body work making for a great treatment. AMEN! Is what my soul was singing after having found them. My sincere gratitude goes out to you both, see you net time around!" Kim Kelso Officer, San Francisco

It was such a pleasure to meet you and to receive your incredible Russian Massage
treatments while we were in Maui! Your massages were quite honestly the best I have ever had in my life (and that's
saying something since I LOVE massage therapy and have had treatments from dozens of
therapists all over the world.) You are incredibly gifted and I thank you for all
the time, energy and care you put into my massage sessions. 

Thanks again, and I hope to see you again soon!
Cimeron (Kite surfer)

John is the bomb, rockin Russian
                           massage combined with John's sensitivity and loving compassion is the ticket for my daughter with autism and myself.
                           We are rejuvinated, tension and pain released and we sleep like babies. Mahalo John, you are the bomb!   C.Chang (Waihehe)

I have enjoyed Great massages with John now for over 5 years.and I am pleased with his technical skills and service. I would highly reccommend him . I am very particular about choosing massage therapists for myself,  my family and guests. I feel that John has the ability to read a person's muscles , body, and spirit. We enjoy John's therapeutic massages each time we visit Maui from our home in Taipei, Taiwan. Dorothy Chen

I have had the pleasure of getting many therapeutic massages done by John, It was a wonderful experience and I felt  it was a wonderful experience and i felt fantastic afterwards. I am looking forward to my next opportunity and will reccommend John to others as well. I have been a client for about 5 years . Helen Chen Los Angeles , ca.

We just returned from Maui and the massages (2) John provided were
definitely highlights during this much needed vacation.  I booked John
because he is experienced with myofascial pain / treatment techniques.  John
has a unique blend of skills - he is an exceptional masseur, he has great
communication skills and he was also very professional (on time, polite,
courteous).  An added bonus was that we have a lot in common and I simply
had fun talking with him. 

John has a wonderful positive energy as well.  I have been fortunate and I
have had a lot of massages over the years.  By the end of the second massage
with John, I could really feel that he had gone deep into the muscles
(without causing pain) and I felt that wonderful combination of relaxed and

The only downside is that John is so darn popular.  I contacted John about a
week before we arrived and booked the last two slots he had open during our
10-day stay,     Next time I will book John as soon as we make our travel
arrangements.  If we lived in Maui I would have a weekly appointment with
Susan Donahue
Half Moon Bay, CA


 Doug and I so appreciate your time spent with us. 
I feel I have stagnant circulation pathways unblocked. 
It was truly surprising at the number of sore points in my feet. I think starting with my feet was brilliant.( foot reflexology add-on treatment combined with full body massage)  The oils you used were very nice. I guess I should say my skin loved it. The northern climate sucks moisture from the skin and that really was a
nourishing balm.
Doug was really impressed with his treatment John. I have tried to get him to massage therapists for a number of years. So you are the first after a very long time. I hope he will make it more of a routine now.  
It was great meeting you and sharing with you the place we so love. To have such a great treatment, the music you brought, the sound of the waves, Maui, well pretty magical! Thank you again. May the force be with you. Lynne ( Canada) 

I have been wanting to tell you how much your massage and facial helped me. It was more like a healing treatment, which is what I did expect from you and your experience, calming energy, and beliefs in healing. If i lived there on Maui you could count on me for a regular customer. I was in alot of physical pain before my trip and have been so much better ever since. Thanks to you... NO MORE back ache! Rev. M. O'Donovan


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