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Aromatic Facials

Chinesepressurepoint.jpgAromatic Facials are a "hands-on" facial NOT using any steaming or mechanical machines.   Rather the treatment benefits  arise  from the use of pure aromatic plant extracts all  ingredients that re-balance and rejuevenate the skin mantle without breakout or disrupting the skins natural state,
Along with chinese style massage techniques that stimulate, calm, release and balance the skin surface and underlying facial muscles bringing needed oxygen to the skin and muscle system of the face.
For normal, dry, or combination skin types an Aromatic Facial treatment is for both men and women.
This treatment includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating, a mask, and moisturizer; combined with massage and pressure point massage to the skin and muscles of the face.
  This treatment rejuevenates the face inside and out.  
Does NOT include extractions.

 Antioxidant Sea Kelp Peel-off Mask: Let your skin drink in the moisturizing antioxidants of sea kelp in this easy to remove peel off mask. For use on all skin types, including delicate, dry, mature or sensitive skin.
Ingredients: Diatomaceous earth, Algin, Calcium sulphate, Tetrasodium pyrophosphate,Sea Kelp powder

Do expect  a cleaner, rebalanced,  rejuevenated feel and appearance to the skin.
 I use AUBREY ORGANICS SKIN CARE  for all these treatments. For men I prepare a Men's Energizing facial. Facials can be added to any massage.
There are 2 choices: 30 minute mini facial (cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask, and moisturizer) or hour long full balancing facial.
If you look into the mirror and see a tired face, an  Aromatic Facial will bring a healthy vibrant glow to your sense of self.
 A perfect rejuevenation treatment while on vacation. you may have the 60 minute treatment alone or as an add on to your regular massage. (This  treatment does not include extractions)

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