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About Me... My massage experience begins in 1978 as a result of a reoccuring dream that guided me to a life long full time career. I received a full scholarship to the Florida School OF Massage with a 12 month academic program of  anatomy, physiology, massage, history of massage, hydrotherapy (the therapeutic uses of water). Required to write a thesis paper I chose the topic of Wholism:  The History and Application of a Wholistic Approach In The Therapeutic Massage Practice. Thus begining to carve out my particular style of massage as a natural healing practitioner. Upon completion of my state board exams I became a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist / L.M.T. After graduation & state licensing I founded a practice in Naples, Florida developing clientelle in racquetball clubs, gyms and outcall massages to the community of Naples.
During the eighties I develped an inspiring public speaking campaign to educate the public on the Benefits of Therapeutic Massage and designed and taught regular classes to the public sharing massage in Couples Massage Two day intensives. At a time when massage was a dirty word in our country and just begining to spread into the public domain these efforts were well rewarded with the development of my client base. My clients were primarily local "winter birds", tennis, golf, and racketball athletes and international visitors visting Naples.
 I also developed an outcall home massage service aptly named "Travel Table".
I've come to realize practicing massage is an avocation and not just a job to me that teaches me and supports my desire to be a nurturing man thru the practice of my work!

 I taught Swedish Massage, Enhanced Therapeutic Touch Skill Exercises (blindfold massage classes with touch sensory awareness heightening exercises), Becoming Naturally Therapeutic classes (a class I designed based on the book of the same title by Jackeline Small to develop therapeutic communications skills) to students for their  State Certification in Atlanta, Ga. At the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts.
  I also practiced  clinical masage  working in medical/ chiropractic clinics. Practicing massage in a setting along with doctors and patients in  critical / acute levels of muscle spasm & injury was a very instructive experience for me. Later in the 90's 
 I then traveled to over 40 countries and many continents around the world working with Steiner Transocean, as a Massage and Spa Therapist aboard luxury spas at sea in the vacation cruise industry. I enjoyed working aboard various ships of the following cruise lines: Crystal Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruise Line, Costa Cruise Line, Windstar Cruise Line, Royal Carribbean Cruise Line, P&O Cruise Line and Holland America Cruise Line.  During this time i received extensive training and experience in Aromatic Spa Treatments, Aromatic Facials, and Aromatherapy Application with European teachers from Steiner Transocean Academy of London working with the Elemis Aromatherapy brand. While traveling I enjoyed receiving the benefits of massage in countires around the world, expanding my knowledge and experience to a level I previously had not known.
While at sea I taught many workshops with the following titles: Couples Massage, Aromatherapy Benefits, How To Heal Backache, Detoxification Benefits and Pitfalls, Foot Reflexology- History and Application (in both French and Italian).
Currently I practice Russian Medical Massage,a style of treatment that does not elicit the "fight of flight " response commonly experienced as muscle spasming when going into deep muscle forms of treatment.

Finally arriving on MAUI in 2000, I began a full time outcall massage service working with individuals visiting our island from all points around the world.

My purpose is:
  • To NURTURE the human condition we all share  fulfilling our  "primary human need" that is  to live our lives with  healthy appropriate touch!
  • Learn to listen to and understand the messages our bodies give to each of us while working WITH pain versus fighting pain thus diminishing pain messages when possible
  • To utilize massage techniques that do not elicit the "Fight or Flight  Response ", that common experience of muscle spasming, or resistance when going deeper thus maintaining the highest possible muscle & massage integrity  and suppleness while practicing massage therapy.
  • To generate the space for individuals to reclaim a more meaningful sense of inner peace in the form of the massage experience

Massage as a "natural healing art" is one of  the oldest and original forms of healing known to humankind.  This need is met for millions of individuals on a global scale and has persisted  for centuries because of the wonderful feeling of, natural healing, realignment and rejuevenation the massages add to one's overall sense of well being.

AHAA - Alchemical Hypnotherapy Association of Atlanta 550 hours +classroom facilitation hours + supervised case study (5 yrs. in total)  Certification ACHE

Alchemical Hypnotherapy is the spiritual discipline of working with archtypes for the transformation of consciousness.. The utilization of interactive trance state for the achievement of discovering and aligning with life purpose through the transformation of consciousness ( mind,emotions,body symptoms).This course of instruction was an interactive experiential based program with learning labs to experience and process each course  personally so as to create a real base of experience to spring from in the practice of alchemical hypnotherapy.


The range of course work (while not all listed here)  Includes trance induction : forms, methods, deepening the trance state, testing, levels of trance. Emotional clearing :complexes,inner child, inner family,inner mate,regression techniques..Also including advanced past- life regression therapy. Shamanic healing : models and methods along with client assessment,safety,medical models, assessment models,client / therapist relationship.I maintained a small practice both in Atlanta and in Birmingham,Al.while teaching at ASHA (Academy of Somatic Heaing Arts)


.I do not currently practice on Maui. However this brought to me much personal healing in body ,mind and spirit and completely revolutionized my perceptions of how the past can be healed, the depth required to truly heal on an emotional level, and the complex nature of consciousness, the subconscious and access to transpersonal states of consciousness.Brilliant!

Mission Statement:
My focus in each session with each person is to listen to and provide appropriate healing touch skills to bring about a rebalanced, healthier human being with a nurtured sense of spirit.
 Your feed back is appreciated and testimonies emailed to this site are welcome (see email address at bottom of page). I have a high rate of rebooking and for some clients this has been for many years. I look forward to serving you in the comfort of your home, hotel, or vacation retreat.

John R. Trevett L.M.T.
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Phone is open for calls from 10am - 6pm Maui time, before or after this time please leave voicemail message for a return call back

Hawaii State Lic.  MAT - 6312

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